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PlaneWalker Daretti Born 21.10.2016

9 Weeks


NO*NeverWoods Daretti, n 03 22 Boy /Gutt-

NO*NeverWoods Daretti

Daretti did not have an easy start, his mother Imagine had some bleeding, we decided to go to the vet where we had to do a c-section, the vets found lots of puss and fluid.

All the way back there was one kitten, Daretti. They where sure he was dead because of all the puss around the bag but he was alive but very weak. We manage to get more life in to her and after 2 hours it finally did drink a little bit of milk.. Imagine had to be neauter.

Daretti is named after a Magc Plainswalker, this is the story behind his name:

Daretti is a goblin planeswalker from the plane of Fiora. He is surprising intellect, talent, and ambition, a master artificer skilled at finding treasure where others see only trash, inquisition and discovery pervading his scientific efforts.







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